How To Help Your Teenagers Get Started As DJs

Posted on: 17 September 2015

Do your teenagers have the fun talent of being able to make their own money as disc jockeys? Perhaps they have been DJs at church dances or they have assisted other DJs at other venues and they have simply learned the trade by osmosis. If this is a passion for your kids and they are serious about putting this passion to work, you may be able to help them get started. Here are some ideas that may inspire you to help them have a lot of fun and to help them earn money at the same time.

Help Them Buy Their Equipment - If your children are going to be serious about making money as DJs, they'll obviously have to have their own equipment and they'll need to know how to repair it. Consider buying good used equipment that another DJ is selling. Your kids might know somebody who is upgrading his or her own equipment and who is willing to sell at a great price. Check out night clubs that are going out of business, too. Often, DJ schools will be replacing old equipment with new state-of-the-art products and you'll be able to purchase things like speakers and lighting at a very good price. Your kids might also know about auctions where you can bid on used equipment. Since your kids are the professionals in the DJ department, it would be a great idea for them to help you pick out the right things.

Put The Word Out - If your kids are good, all they need is a way to get started in the DJ field.

  • A great way to get your kids' names out is by having a party of your own. What a great way to introduce new DJ talent! 
  • Would your kids perform a few gigs free? By playing at house parties, nursing homes, office parties and other small events, they'll be able to show off their DJ expertise. 
  • The tunes your kids play will define their style. For this reason, it would be a smart idea for them to have a wide variety of music choices that would appeal to different age groups. Helping them buy compact discs and vinyl records by many artists will be an important addition to their DJ inventory.

Think about encouraging your kids to choose somebody who would be a great master of ceremonies to join them. Providing games and competitions will just add to their style.


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