3 Things That Your Court Reporter Should Offer

Posted on: 29 September 2015

There are many reasons why you might need to hire a court reporter (from companies like G & M Court Reporters & Video). You could be hosting a medical deposition for a worker's compensation case, for example. Luckily, there is no shortage of certified and qualified professional court reporters out there, so you should not have too difficult of a time finding one for your meeting or deposition. However, you could be wondering how you can choose the right one. Many of the best court reporters offer special services that can make your deposition that much more successful, so along with looking for a court reporter who is certified in your state and who has a good reputation, you should also look for someone who offers these additional services.

1. Video Upon Request

Traditionally, video is not a part of a court reporter's job. Instead, a court reporter is generally tasked with the job of typing everything that is said in a meeting or deposition and presenting you with the typed-up transcript. Nowadays, however, many court reporters have audio visual equipment and will video the entire deposition—along with still providing a typed transcript—and provide you with the tape. You can expect to pay extra for this service, but it can provide helpful evidence and can make things easy if you need to provide quick proof of something being said or done during a meeting or deposition or if you need to watch the video for research purposes.

2. Transcription in Multiple Forms

Although a typed-up transcript of your deposition or meeting will obviously be helpful, it might not be enough in today's digital age. You may also need a digital form of your transcript, such as an email or a PDF file. Actually physically typing up the transcript yourself can be a long and tedious job, but many court reporters will offer the transcript in multiple forms for you. This can make storing and sharing your transcription file a breeze.

3. Affordable Travel Expenses

Your court reporter might charge you for travel expenses, but these expenses should be reasonable. It is a court reporter's job to travel to the meeting or deposition location, so the charges should not be unrealistically high. Make sure that you compare travel expenses between different providers; in some case, even a reporting provider that charges a higher rate for services will be more affordable if his or her travel expenses are cheaper.


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