4 Ways To Use AV Labor For A Memorable Wedding

Posted on: 28 May 2021

A wedding reception includes several elements, and you have the option to elevate the ceremony with audio and video production. Add interactive elements and enhance the venue you're in with the use of AV staffing. Learn about four positions in the world of AV that will help with your wedding and give you a lot of memories to enjoy in the future.

1. Event Production Coordinator

Hire a person to lead the front on everything related to technology at the wedding. Before the wedding, an event production coordinator will scope out a place, know where outlets are, and determine the best options for the reception. The extra planning will ensure everything goes smoothly on your wedding day.

A coordinator can ensure that the various AV services remain organized and that you do not have a mix-up or overcrowded resources creating distractions. The coordinator can take care of troubleshooting as well and can help with any problems that occur in real time.

2. Lighting Designers

Lighting can completely change the mood and theme of a wedding. A lighting designer can plan out multiple aspects of a wedding. For a reception, spotlights are ideal for wedding party entrances and the dance floor. Specialty lighting can highlight head tables, wedding cakes, and photo areas.

If your wedding has a color scheme, light designers can implement light filters to achieve different color options. You could have pink and yellow lights on a dance floor or a photo area with specialty lights.

3. Camera Operators

Capture the special moments of your wedding with professional camera operators. A camera operator understands how to operate special equipment. Through planning, an operator will plan out different shots and parts of the wedding. Specialty equipment will capture different angles and perspectives.

All of the footage will create a memorable highlight reel that recaps your entire wedding day. Multiple camera operators will capture different angles and add a professional touch to the wedding.

4. Projectionists

Add a video element to a wedding reception with a projectionist. A person in this role would set up a projection screen and professional projector to showcase videos, slideshows, and other forms of media. Their role would ensure the video stays in focus and the tech operates smoothly. Audio controls will manage music and video clip volume so everyone can hear.

A projectionist can cue up multiple files and will test out each file before the reception. You may also have multiple projectors going at the same time. Some could display custom text on the wall that states the wedding couple's names.

When you visualize your wedding ceremony and reception, think about which AV labor services will fit into your ideal wedding experience.


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