5 Signs You Need AV Engineering Help

Posted on: 2 September 2022

AV engineering work can be tough, but there are many options for finding help. If you're not sure if you might need the help of an audio-visual engineer and perhaps a few others, these 5 signs will tell you if that's the case.

You Don't Have a Team for an Event

One of the simplest reasons to work with an AV technician company is to build a team for an event. Whether you're staging something short- or medium-term, there's a good argument for working with a company that can bring in sound engineers, a video engineer, and perhaps a lighting stagehand or two. Fortunately, you can usually contract these services with reasonable notice, ensuring you'll have people in place for your event.

Team Isn't Large Enough

Even if you have in-house AV people, there may be times when your team isn't large enough to do the job. A TV station, for example, might need to add an AV engineer for a big production, such as a local holiday showcase. Your in-house people can focus on their tasks while outsourcing some of the work to the new additions.

Wearing Too Many Hats

Many people try to handle AV engineering work themselves, especially if they're dealing with small operations. You might find that you're wearing too many hats, though. If you're skilled at video work but not great with audio, for example, it might be wise to hire a few sound engineers.

Lacking Specific Skills

Sometimes a skill just isn't in your normal toolbox. A group of live streamers, for example, might be accustomed to using natural light for their videos. However, upon deciding to do a recorded session indoors and on a stage, they might discover they're not ready to handle this more structured approach. They can hire a lighting stagehand who can assist them with setting everything up, checking levels, and calibrating their equipment.

Design Challenges

Even if you have the resources to do all of the work, you may have some design consulting needs or just want to get an independent perspective. An AV engineer can look at your goals and the available resources. They can then tell you what sort of design will maximize the quality of your results and where you might want to invest more or less. Recommendations could range from changing the shape of a room to improve audio to altering the lighting to make everyone look better.

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